Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Project Description

This almost $18 million project included many improvements to the wastewater treatment plant in Del City, Oklahoma. Included in the project were improvements to the headworks area (including new grit removal facilities and screenings facilities), influent flow control metering facilities as integrated into the grit removal structure, hydraulic structure improvements, and tertiary filtration facilities. Also included were rehabilitation and structural repairs to the sequencing batch reactor process tanks, ultraviolet disinfection facilities, upgrades and rehabilitation to the disinfection building and aerobic digester. Walters-Morgan also cleaned the existing wet wells for the influent pump station and peak flow pumping station. Other tasks included instrumentation, control and SCADA improvements throughout the entire plant as well as coordination of electrical and instrumentation upgrades for the influent pump station, peak flow pump station and the equalization pump station.

Project Details


Del City, Oklahoma


City of Del City/Del City Municipal Services Authority



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