OSU Clearwell Construction Project

Project Description

Oklahoma State University awarded the Clearwell Construction Project to Walters-Morgan in 2016. This project consisted of the construction of two new valve vaults, transfer pump station vault, high service pump building, ammonia feed building, two distribution vaults, chemical feed vault, and a 1 million gallon pre-stressed concrete clearwell. The deepest of the vaults (transfer pump station vault), went nearly 30 feet into the ground with water 10 feet down. It was sunk, as opposed to built-in-place like other vaults. Sinking the structure allowed for a much smaller construction footprint, as not nearly as much excavation was needed. The plant needed to remain online and could only be shut down at specific times, as this plant fed the entire OSU campus. The city of Stillwater’s water treatment plant would not accommodate both the city and the campus.

Project Details


Stillwater, Oklahoma


OSU - Board of Regents


Poe & Associates

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